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Our Shop Offers #1 Quality Work

Have Your Dream Car Detailed Today. Now 5% Off On All Orders. 

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389 Springdale Ave


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What We Offer

Auto Detailing & Maintenance

Our Services


Detailing Services

We specialize in all levels of detailing, Concourse-level paint refinement at our facility. However far you’d like to take your vehicle’s condition, Igor’s Auto Detailing will passionately pursue it.


Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating

Igor’s Auto Detailing is a master-level, Ceramic Coatings as well as an installer for PPF. We specialize in surface protection, for both exterior surfaces (Paint, Glass, Wheels, Calipers, Engine Bays, etc.) as well as interior surfaces (Leather, Carpet/Textile, Floor mats, Wood).


Window Tinting & More

Enhance the look of your vehicle while cutting down on harmful glare, heat and UV rays with our high quality Window Tinting.

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